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Decorative Veneer Plywood

Do you sell raw plywood?

We do not sell raw plywood; plywood with one side PVC etc.

At Billiona, we specialise in selling decorative veneer plywood in Natural and Recon. range.

Our veneer plywood is of 3.6mm thick (unless otherwise stated, as we do have a few with 3mm thickness) and measures 4’x8′.

What is the difference between recon veneer and natural veneer?

Recon. veneers and Natural veneers are similar in the fact that they are both wood materials.


  • Natural veneer is obtained by slicing timber logs.
  • Recon. veneers undergo a process of dyeing, laminating and re-slicing before obtaining the desired color and pattern.
  • As part of Natural Wood characteristics, grains/look and colour varies according to batch as each tree/log is different. Please note that colour and pattern variation may occur from piece to piece, batch to batch and do not indicate a product defect.
  • Recon. Veneer on the other hand offers more consistent grain patterns and difference between batches may not be as wide as compared to the Natural range.

With that said, regardless of Natural or Recon. Veneer Ply, we highly recommend for plywood purchased for a project/job site to be bought at the same time to minimise variation in look between panels during the installation process. Please note that stock is subject to prior sale and the batch originally purchased from or viewed by you at our premises may have already been sold out.

Otherwise, do provide us your project reference when purchasing so that we can try to match your requirements as closely as possible.

What is the difference among the types of wood veneer cuts?

Our decorative wood veneer done in three different ways (depending on species) to create different features in the grain.

The three types are:

icon box image

Crown-Cut (C/C)

Offers a broad cathedral pattern

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Quarter-Cut (Q/C)

Quarter Cut (Q/C) veneers are linear

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Horizontal-Grain (H/G)

Similar to Quarter-Cut (Q/C), the only difference are the linear grains are moving horizontally across the 4′ x 8′ ply.

How do I know how the veneer would look like after varnishing?

A simple application of some water on the surface of the veneer is enough to give you a gauge of how it looks like after clear varnishing.

Can the Veneer Plywood be stained?

We highly recommend our customers to skip the staining and opt for a top clear coat instead. A clear finished veneer provides a nice natural colour without obscuring any grains.

Nevertheless, since veneer is real wood, it can accept stains and finishes much like solid wood. The choices of stains and finishes are many and each combination can yield a different outcome. Ultimately, it is the onus of the customer/person fabricating the job to decide which stain (if any) is best for the project.

Do you provide samples for veneer plywood?

We do provide samples for our Recon. Veneer range (subject to availability).

However, we do not provide samples for our Natural Wood Veneer.  Due to it being natural, every piece/batch we have would be unique in its own and subjected to variations in colour, texture and grain. Its individuality is where its beauty lies. Therefore, samples given would vary with current stock at time of purchase. We encourage our customers to visit our premises to view before purchasing.

What is the size and thickness of a Veneer Plywood

Our plywood measures 4′ x 8′ unless otherwise specified.


3.6 mm

High Pressure Laminates

Can your High Pressure Laminates be used externally?

All High Pressure Laminates (HPL) sold at Billiona Enterprise are intended for interior use only.

What are the dimensions and thickness of your High Pressure Laminates?

Billiona Enterprise’s High Pressure Laminates dimensions are as follows:

Imperial Measure (in.):  4′ x 8′
Metric measure (mm): 1220 mm x 2440 mm

Unless otherwise stated, all laminates are 0.7 mm (+/- 10% tolerance)

We also have a handful of laminates with thickness that range from 0.8mm to 1.0 mm due to the different finishes applied on it i.e. Textured, Color Core etc.

Are your High Pressure Laminates Green Label accredited?

Yes! We do have a certification issued by the Singapore Environment Council
under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS). View our Green Label page to find out more here.


What are your opening hours?

View our opening hours here.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order for our products is 1 unit.

We do deal with bulk purchases too. Do contact us directly.

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