What is the difference between Recon. Veneer & Natural Veneer?

What is the difference between Recon. Veneer & Natural Veneer?
September 28, 2015 Billiona Enterprise

Recon. veneers and Natural veneers are similar in the fact that they are both wood materials.


  • Natural veneer is obtained by slicing timber logs.
  • Recon. veneers undergo a process of dyeing, laminating and re-slicing before obtaining the desired color and pattern.
  • As part of Natural Wood characteristics, grains/look and colour varies according to batch as each tree/log is different. Please note that colour and pattern variation may occur from piece to piece, batch to batch and do not indicate a product defect.
  • Recon. Veneer on the other hand offers more consistent grain patterns and difference between batches may not be as wide as compared to the Natural range.

With that said, regardless of Natural or Recon. Veneer Ply, we highly recommend for plywood purchased for a project/job site to be bought at the same time to minimise variation in look between panels during the installation process. Please note that stock is subject to prior sale and the batch originally purchased from or viewed by you at our premises may have already been sold out.

Otherwise, do provide us your project reference when purchasing so that we can try to match your requirements as closely as possible.