Melamine Plywood – Fire Resistant

Melamine Plywood – Fire Resistant
May 16, 2019 Billiona Enterprise

A picture is worth a thousand words

Earlier last month, a customer (Renovation Contractor) sent us pictures of his client’s shoe cupboard.

Unfortunately, his client’s front porch at his private residence caught fire during the wee hours and many fittings needed to be replaced such as this Shoe Cabinet as shown in the image below.

However, what surprised them was that even though the fire had engulfed the cabinet in its entirety such that the surface of the cupboard was damaged, the whole structure and insides of the cabinet were unharmed.

Damaged outer surface of cupboard doors

Other than the outer surface of the cabinet doors being damaged and the rubber seal which melted due to the high heat, the integrity of the shoe cabinet structure is good and surfaces of the insides were unharmed as well after  the clean up. The following are the before and after clean up pictures:











All along we have introduced our Melamine Plywood to customers priding it for its sturdiness, impact resistant and heat resistant qualities. However, nothing is as convincing as personally having our customer coming back to us with a real-life event that happened with pictures to prove.

We are amazed with the fire resistant qualities of our Melamine Plywood and strongly advise our customers to use it at areas such as the Kitchen and sheltered outdoor areas such as car porch of private residences as well.