Interior Design Style Breakdown: Industrial + Rustic

Interior Design Style Breakdown: Industrial + Rustic
September 15, 2016 Billiona Enterprise
Every home has a distinct style which sets yours apart from everyone else’s. One of the interior design style that resonates most with homeowners today is by going Industrial.
The Industrial style is known to be an aesthetic trend in design that features abrupt connections; a style that lack pretence and screams “effortless”. The sort of nonchalance that looks like you’re too lazy to bring a space together but still end up having the space looking regal.

Some Rustic Effect 

A bit of industrial edge, masculinity and another bit of texture such as a rustic woodgrain can really add to the overall interest of the space. The natural raw woodgrain featured in BWM 8393 RW – Hickory Wood breaks the monotony of the typical industrial elements and exudes an unpretentious, organic warmth to your space with a pop of colour.
BWM 8393 RW - Hickory Wood Inspiration

BWM 8393 RW – Hickory Wood

Our rustic oak wood-grain high pressure laminate (HPL), BWM 8393 RW – Hickory Wood, complements the Industrial theme really well. Incorporating this raw, natural design into the warehouse-inspired look is easy because it stands out and is feasible to the eye resulting in a gorgeous yet genuine nature-infused home.
If you would like to use this design for your table top, it is also available in Compact HPL, CDM8393 Hickory Wood meant for table top use. It is ideal to be used in the dining room or in the kitchen as it is easier to maintain and also impact resistant. For those who prefer your table top to be darker, we have the same rustic wood grains in two other colourways under our Compact HPL, ie.  CDM8405 Dark Hickory and CDM8406 Smoked Hickory.
Here’s some ideas for easy visualisation how you can incorporate BWM 9393 RW – Hickory Wood into your space…

We implore you to explore the possibilities creating the perfect look and feel of your space with  these rustic woodgrains!