Upgrade your Drawer Knobs, Pulls, and Handles

Upgrade your Drawer Knobs, Pulls, and Handles
April 6, 2016 Billiona Enterprise

Small changes can make a world of difference

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Knob 122 Ideal for cabinet/wardrobe/drawers/dresser/kitchen cabinet203 (2)Tear Drop Knob 118, dresser handle, cabinet handle

You’re not alone if you find yourself becoming restless with your furniture. Instead of spending a hefty sum re-doing everything, consider updating the hardware. As the design and finish of your existing cabinetry hardware may be telling their age, this simple fix can rejuvenate your cabinetry, taking them from mehh to wow!

New cabinetry hardware (knobs and handles) can easily make your existing furniture look luxe or bring vintage pieces closer to the modern realm with the right choice of hardware in hardly no time at all. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to change out your old hardware. You can do it yourself and don’t even need to remove the door from the cabinet! Simply grab a screwdriver and carefully remove the screws from the backside of the drawer or cabinet. Before you know it, you’re done! 🙂

At Billiona Enteprise, we have a variety of handles for you to choose from depending on your budget. The designs for handles range between elaborate ones to simple round knobs.

Let’s explore the options available:

  • Knob Handles – Knob Handles are those that require a single screw to install on the drawer or cabinet.
  • Pull Handles – These handles require two or more screws to install on furniture.

Some of our Best-sellers:

Aluminium Bar Handle 238Sphere Handle (Chrome)Bronze Oriental Handle Cabinet Handle 125

Before you visit us:

  • Count the number of drawer pulls/knobs you intend to replace.
  • Measure the distance between the attachment points on pulls. This is known as the ‘drill size’ or  ‘Center to Center’ dimension. This step is extremely important if you are replacing handles instead of installing new ones as there are already existing drill holes (unless you are looking at drilling new ones).
  • If you are fixed on which handle to get, do contact us and let us know the quantity you require so we can check stock and reserve them for you! Else, items are all subject to prior sale.

 View our knob/pull handle collection